Every argument for justice is a story.

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As personal injury attorney Gerry Spence puts it, “If we are to be successful in presenting our case we must not only discover its story, we must become good storytellers as well. Every trial, every presentation, every plea for change, every argument for justice is a story.

Visual tools cut right to the heart of the matter.

The process of creating a visual presentation helps you discover the story by recreating the scene of the incident in three dimensions so you can look at it from every perspective. You can compare the evidence with witness accounts, and test theories of what happened.

The process of creating the visual presentation also helps make you a good storyteller. Why? Because images convey meaning in a way that words do not. Because developing graphics demands a narrative precision that might otherwise get overlooked.


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Fat Pencil’s expertise was valuable from the beginning of the case. They saw details that others missed, helped our experts collaborate effectively, and delivered a compelling visual story at trial.

Will Kemp, Kemp Jones & Coulthard