Tools you can use when the truth isn't self-evident.

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Civil rights form the basis of our society. So when a violation is alleged, nothing should be taken more seriously. Over the past decade, we have worked on numerous civil rights cases including officer-involved shootings and protest arrests. Our experience has been that visual tools play a critical role in making sense of available evidence, validating witness claims, and framing key issues.

Results often hinge on the credibility of competing stories. We can help by answering two common questions:

  • What could witnesses really see (or shoot) from their vantage point?
  • What does security camera footage (if available) really tell us?
  • How does the sequence of events shed light on claims of protocol and intent?

Fat Pencil Studio uses a range of tools including video synchronization, photogrammetry, and timeline analysis to identify critical bits of evidence and help your team communicate an accurate and coherent narrative.

David Park

The ability to fade between the infrared camera surveillance video and a matched view in the 3d model made the scientific process much easier to understand.

David Park, Elliott & Park, PC

PORTFOLIO: Civil Rights