A strong case must be built from the ground up. How sharp are your tools?

CLT Panel Installation

Construction claim cases are marked by their complexity. Technical problems in a building combine with contractual nuances, and, inevitably, some sort of human folly to create a situation that demands legal action. In order to best represent your client’s interests, you must marshal a team of attorneys and experts to investigate technical issues, analyze numerous types of data, and craft a clear narrative of events. At what point do you start visualizing the various facets of your case?

Visuals act as an informative reference for the legal team throughout a case, and become increasingly important the more complicated things get. Keeping track of all those details is a Herculean task. That's why we like to create orientation decks to offer quick access to key information, and introduce fact finders to the context of a case when the time comes. Issue decks frame individual points of dispute by putting assemblies in context, and presenting a clear argumentative framework. As you move from the big picture into the literal and figurative details, it just makes so much sense to visualize them in 3d.

Making expertise accessible.

When you hire consultants to provide learned opinions about issues in the case, you have to make sure that their opinions and conclusions are accessible to people who don’t happen to be engineers (you know, most people). Our specialized backgrounds make it so that we understand the technical jargon and exacting style of engineers and forensic experts. Our unique skill is being able to translate that jargon into understandable graphics that communicate evidence in the context of the larger case objectives.

Experts sometimes bristle at having to work with graphics people to make their very serious work “pretty” (we much prefer words like “clear,” “compelling,” and “powerful”). But we’ve never met an expert we weren’t able to win over with our deft grasp of technical subject matter and meticulous attention to detail. In fact, experts love it when our visual tools provide yet another means of investigating the issues at hand.

“To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Luckily, we've got a full complement of tools and the skills to use them to help you understand and communicate the key issues in your case.

Morrison Bridge

Eric Grasberger

Ady proved herself to be highly adept at understanding the many complex issues in the case, conveying those clearly, accurately and artfully in her graphics…and weathering very difficult circumstances with grace and humor.

Eric Grasberger, Stoel Rives

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